Joe Budden Slams Tihary Jose Calling Her A Liar

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 Hide your kids hide your wife IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN! it #MightNotMeanNothinToYallBut retired rapper turned podcasting legend Joe Budden herd Tihary's messy little interview with Jason Lee on #HollywoodUnlocked and hes not around for the "Clout Check Chasing".

 #AccordingTo Joey everything Tihary said was a lie and he was in fact the victim of abuse during their toxic relationship. Joey went on to detail what really went on between the two of them. Joe explained that the relationship was toxic on both ends as they both were very young. He claimed he did not speak out as it pertains to the abuse because it was not something that men spoke about.

  Joe detailed situations of her pulling knives on him and threatening him kicking him and putting hands on him during their toxic love connection. Mal and Rory stayed silent as joe ripped into her claim of him punching her in the face. The rapper indicated he was not with her in fact he was at the strip club with his friends trying to cheat on her, the only reason he was at the hospital like she stated is because she called him and asked for him to be there.

Joe claims his silence has only enabled her to continue her narrative of the abused latina however she is the abuser and the toxic part of the relationship. After leaving the relationship Joey went and got help engaged and had another baby meanwhile Tihary is still being toxic in new relationship and dragging joey on the internet about the past.

Rory attempted to shoot Tihary some bail stating it was horrible that these things happened to her however Joe denied the bail by double downing on the fact that she is pushing a narrative of him being an abuser when he really was her supporter in these times. Tihary would not allow joey to seek revenge on her behalf.

The rant continues with Joey detailing how she is a clout chaser and even recently sold him a mattress. He is painting the picture that she is the abusive one behind the scenes and gets in front of the cameras and acts a certain way because of check.

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