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Reese Teases A Tekashi69 Diss Track

I do not want to say that Reese took that 3 million that 69 team is allegedly calling around and offering, we will just say it looks very likely that reese took the money.  it #MightNotMeanNothinToYallBut since 69 made a trip to Oblock Reese has not stopped talking about 69. People claim that is because Reese is just that mad at the disrespect, fact is real men do real things and last time I checked a real man never cared about a man like 69. Reese took to his twitter to let his fans know that he would be dropping a 69 diss soon.   Nah but the first track that come in a 69 diss — LilReese300 (@LilReese300)...

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Waka Flocka Says Tekashi69 Is Being True To Him And His Fans

How many more people have to say this same thing before the people apologize to #DjEfsclusive it #MightNotMeanNothingToYallbut as a blogger and a podcaster Djefsclusive gives you the facts and tells you how it is viewed by people. She is constantly be accused of defending 69, not understanding the streets when really people don't understand perspective. Waka says 69 was always true to him and real n words would have never had him around in the first place So is this certified street guy stupid and not aware of the streets as well?Posted by NothinPod on Thursday, August 27, 2020

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